Project Management Consultancy

Project ManagementConsultancy

We are a Project Management Consultant Company that undertake project work like architectural, institutional, interior & industrial construction, quality assurance, and valuation of the projects. Many companies have project goals and under the excellent leadership of Mr. Shital V Shah, our team assists clients in achieving their goals while staying within project scope, schedule, and budget constraints. From start to finish, we handle the full planning, coordination, and control of a project that includes project development assistance and design management, as well as the duration and cost monitoring. With our experience and quality, we have an excellent background in managing residential villas, corporate houses, institutional buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes, industries, hospital project, interior work, and architectural work. The scope of our services includes Design Management, Budget & Cost Planning, Schedule Management, Tendering and Contracts, and Project Administration.

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Design Management

Design is the process of coming up with a solution to a project brief, and we can help you finalize the design and amenities of your planned project so you can see how feasible it is to build and how much it will cost.

Budget & Cost Planning

We provide accurate cost estimates for the entire project so that our clients can make informed financial decisions and plan their budgets. Further, our goal is to generate estimates that take into account all of the project’s financial and commercial components so that they may be easily evaluated and accepted. Now where there is a cost involved there are chances of potential issues due to unfortunate circumstances but our team actively manages costs through all stages of a project and identifies the potential issues early so that client has enough time to take necessary business decisions.

Schedule Management

Timetable management refers to the procedures that must be followed to ensure that the project is completed on time. To accomplish this, we divide our work such that an approximate timeframe is provided for each activity, along with a resource list, and a schedule is prepared. This way, we can create a timetable of important milestones for each sort of service, which the project manager then monitors.

Tendering and Contracts

Contracts are an important aspect of procurement management since they provide relief on both sides while also sharing and bearing the individual’s responsibility for the project’s completion. We assist the client in appointing contractors and certifying contractors’ bills before payment following the agreement. While in the event of a disagreement, we make every attempt to reach an amicable resolution to prevent litigation.

Project Administration

Quality assurance, quality control, and quality planning are all aspects of quality management and for the best quality assurance, we establish and execute frequent testing on materials and construction. Also, under Project Administration, we record and preserve all events, drawings, checklists, testing reports and certificates, and other items that the client needs to give over to the end-user.

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