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Project management's conventional role is to provide a method that prevents failure and this is what S V Shah, Projects and Consultants are known for in this industry. Mr. Shital V Shah well supported by his wife Mrs. Jigna Shah founded this company around 6 years ago, but has professional experience of more than 20 years in this field. In the early 1990s, Project Management was a novel concept in the construction profession, but Mr. Shah was so enthusiastic about it that after completing his professional education decided to start his own firm with the goal of providing developers in India and around the world with full project management consulting and property inspection services.

Based on the unique requirements and restrictions of the clients, we at S V Shah Project & Consultants specialize in designing, coordinating, and executing projects along with quality control and provide value addition to your project. We also give our services for B.O.Q. (Bill of Quantities), Bar chart, Cost analysis, Manpower management, MIS, Cash flow and reporting system, and activity planning and scheduling along with keeping a track of progress as mandated by RERA. Furthermore, we can assist in optimizing resource allocation and integrating the inputs that will drive the project's completion. Our main USPs are:

We believe that in the construction business, innovation is a key source of having an advantage in this competitive field and adds value to the project delivery. We're devoted to experimenting with new methods of doing things and adopting ways to improve existing practices, whether it's through better processes, goods, or services. Our company incorporates new concepts that result in modifications that help a firm address its needs and so increase its competitiveness.

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The project execution phase is an important part of Project Management Services because it entails the proper allocation, coordination, and management of human resources as well as other resources like materials and budget. We closely monitor the project's progress so that any possible issues can be discovered quickly and corrective action was taken as necessary to keep the project on track. The main advantage in our planning & execution is that project performance is monitored and measured regularly to identify deviations from the project management plan.

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Often, completing a project on schedule is considered a successful project. The project manager's major role is to establish and manage a project schedule that will allow the project to be completed on time, and completing the project on time necessitates the formulation of a realistic plan and effective management of the plan, which is what we are recognized for. Our staff also knows how to adjust a timetable to account for unplanned events that cause important activities to be delayed, all while maintaining project quality and staying within budget.

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In India and across the globe, S V Shah Projects and Consultants provide a wide range of construction and allied services for industrial, corporate, commercial, institutional, and residential projects. We are a one-stop solution for making your dream a reality, from pre-construction design to project management, tendering contracts, or whether it is an inspection of the property you intend to buy.

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Our goal as a Project Manager is to be a worldwide leader who creates value by quality, innovation, best solutions, and delighting clients by offering valuable service with our dedicated team. We vision to become the client’s preferred choice when it comes to house inspections or project management, and to be known for our honesty in the market. Not only this, we strive to maximize the project's efficacy and prosper to deliver higher productivity in the construction business through better time management.


Our focus is to provide enhanced value and a superior project experience by continually meeting and striving to surpass our clients' needs in the most cost-effective way possible by providing quality designs, the best management standards, technical competence, and timely project completion.Further, we dream that through our service we will be able to increase the quality of Indian homes. It is our objective to continue building a global team of professionals who, through a partnership with clients and suppliers, continually surpass expectations.

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We at S V Shah PMC feel that through construction we can give life to a new creation. Our talented staff has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the project is completed on time and with the most up-to-date technology. Our client's relationship with us is very strong, stable, and trustworthy because of our honesty and dedication. These are our most valuable assets in completing a project successfully.


Our Company’s strategy is to address the customer's problem as swiftly and effectively as possible, and we've thrived by following this simple principle since our inception. We also follow the philosophy of thoroughly inspecting each home and fully explaining our findings to each client. Not only this, we believe that quality service will lead to a quality result and we achieve this by hiring professionals of this field who are passionate to work as a team with clients, suppliers, contractors, etc.

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